Planejammer: Seven Stars Rising
DND 3.5, with extensive house rules
Setting: Spelljammer / Planescape
Rating: Adult themes, NSFW
Emphasis: Role Playing, not roll playing, XP bonuses for good characterization are common
Frequency: Sunday nights
Psionics: Yes (Psionics Are Different Variant)
Started: Rebooted May 2009 (1388 DR, 2628 Shou, 5070 OC, 30 Years Post Faction War)
Starting Level: 14th, this is a reboot of the 2005 campaign that was ended mid storyline by Hurricane Katrina.

Synopsis: In the early days of the group they took a  very profitable gig from an illithid named Thought Taker. The events of that mission set in motion the illithid’s Overmind project.

Now, wealthy and successful as a result of their mission, the group became directly involved in great things. From stopping the ascension of the scro Demigod Dugkash to ejecting the Power Vecna from Sigil their deeds have shaped the course of might events.

Now it is over a decade later and the surviving members of House Seven Stars battle to stop that which they helped start in a multi-dimensional quest for the most powerful of psionic artifacts, The Annulus. The fate of entire multiverses ride upon their search.